Exceptional objects exquisitely designed and creative relationships...

Art Decor Objects

Valery Demure has wandered far and wide in her search for the finest artisans, designers and craftspeople in the jewellery world. That journey has broadened her vision, as well as cemented her belief in what is truly important: not just exceptional objects exquisitely designed, but also creative relationships based on love, admiration and respect. These extraordinary liaisons have given rise to a series of beguiling pieces.

A jewellery inspired memory game, produced by Jaipur based homeware company Ecru, a candle inspired by the skin scent by fragrance artist Jonathan Ward. And coming soon: the wonderful gris-gris in blown-glass cocoons by the French jewellery artist Agathe Saint Girons; the enchanting miniature ceramics of Missy Noa; Simone Brewster’s sensual lip and boob stools: each design begins with an encounter, a moment of inspiration, and ends with an object of singular beauty that will remain with you forever. These objets d’émotion Valery shares with you here.