Vulcan Red

Bianca Pintan

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Bianca’s Vulcan Red sculpture typifies the power of colour, and its influences on emotions, feelings, and energy. How a single colour has the force to transform not only our outer world, through enhancing and transforming a space, but also transforming our world within. Experience each ceramic piece as it interplays with the light, feeling the textural elements of the finishings, raw yet smooth, bold, yet subtle. I welcome you to feel and observe each sculptural piece as it takes you on this journey of exploration.


Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture and Pigment
48 x 17 x 17 cm


Bianca Pintan is an artist born and raised in Brazil, now based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Her pieces are all hand-built, her own unique technique for each of the shapes she is creating. Bianca allows the clay to guide her into whatever shape is wanting to be birthed, creating an exceptional relationship with her medium.