Moon Vase Orange

Bianca Pintan

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Bianca’s Moon Vase shape gathers its name from its circular design, creating a fuller silhouette. The unique rivets of its surface and bold colour will add impact and influence in any space. Each ceramic art piece is designed and handcrafted with the intention to bring energy and excitement to the space it is placed in. The clay used for this collection has a matte surface and is raw and unglazed giving it a natural finish.


Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture and Pigment
25 x 24 x 24 cm


Bianca Pintan is an artist born and raised in Brazil, now based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Her pieces are all hand-built, her own unique technique for each of the shapes she is creating. Bianca allows the clay to guide her into whatever shape is wanting to be birthed, creating an exceptional relationship with her medium.