Sepia Fuschia Whistle Pair

Michèle Oberdieck


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Created exclusively for Objet d’Emotion by Michèle Oberdieck.


Crafted from mouth blown glass, and shaped by hand while the glass is still hot and malleable. The shape is based on biomorphic forms found in nature. The expressive twists and turns create a feeling of fluidity.


The colours were chosen in collaboration with Valery,  the warm sepia and fuschia tones echo Objet d’Emotion’s colour palette. One colour seamlessly blends into the next, by way of colour glazes used by Michèle.Vase with Closed Top


Vase with Closed Top (left)
Height: 29cm
Width: 18cm
Glass & colour glaze.


Vase with Open Top (right)
Height: 35cm
Width: 25cm
Glass & colour glaze.


Inspired by natural forms and organic structures, Michèle Oberdieck uses the vessel as both a vehicle and canvas to explore balance and asymmetry. By creating a three-dimensional form as a gesture, or expressive mark, a narrative is created.