A Life in Objects

Isabelle Hayman

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A Life in Objects – This beautiful painting is a one-off piece by Isabelle Hayman, created for the launch of Mimi Lipton’s private collection ‘Collect or Perish’ with Objet d’Emotion.


Valery shared images of some of Mimi’s most treasured objects with Isabelle. Objects from Mimi’s childhood and her extensive travels, predominately those collected in the Far East. Isabelle particularly liked the collection of vintage ivory bracelets decorated with geometric motifs, which suggest patterns found in batik fabric. The lacquered bowl reminded Isabelle of her personal travel in Burma. In the painting there are two items from Mimi’s childhood, the music box and the ivory cane knob. Isabelle’s favourite object, the ivory cane knob inherited from her father. The cane knob has the shape of a skull with art nouveau motifs on the neck. It is moving to imagine the cane knob being polished by repeated use more than a century ago.


Oil on canvas: 70cm x 100cm

Price on application. Please enquire with conceirge@objetdemotion.com


Isabelle Hayman is a French artist based in London. Inspired by her childhood connection to Africa, she creates paintings and large ink drawings with a stunning maximalist aesthetic.