Meisen Haori Kimono Jacket


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The Meisen Haori Kimono Jacket was crafted in the 1920-30’s. This dark red and yellow jacket features geometric patterns such as crosses, dots and tortoise shells which represent longevity and fortune.


The jacket is crafted from “Meisen Omeshi”, a type of ikat flat weaving textile, and “Meissen” weaving which gives blury patterns like impressionist paintings. Compared to the normal “Meisen”textile, the “Meissen Omeshi” has slightly emboss processed texture and more structured shape compare to soft crape silk kimono. These textile was extremely popular amongs young ladies in 1920-30’s and produced in North Kanto region. However the machines of the weaving was discontinued after World War II. It is hardly produced nowadays.


Both sides are silk, seamless and all hand sewn, it can be reversible. Japanese kimono lovers also wear haori inside out for fun or casual occasions.