Primrose Cuff

Stella Flame


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Stella Flame designs for the spirited collector, with a wanderlust for travel her work has an East meets West attitude, expressed through precious metals and sparking stones that tell a unique narrative.


Crafted from 14k yellow gold primroses, Stella’s Primrose Cuff explores colour, texture and narrative in her signature style. Nine round moonstone cabochons (30.6ct) and white sapphire (.20ct) adorn the bracelet surface. The cuff is etched with a squiggly textured, plated in rhodium which accentuates its sterling silver surface. This organic pattern contrasts against the ornate decorative gold border that runs the pure 24k gold filigree edging. The one of a kind piece is narrow at the wrist then fans out gently to follow the shape of the arm. The cuff’s length is 7,6 cm. The inner diameter at wrist is 5 cm.