Artist and architect Daniel Azaro was asked by Mimi Lipton to craft this one-of-a-kind timeless jewel. Crafted from 22 karat gold, this elegant necklace is set with a stunning center piece of an Ivory Guardian. Crystals and brushes surround the amulet. Combining unusual materials, subtle textures and soft colours. Objet d’Emotion presents the 'Chinese Chapter' of Mimi Lipton's private jewellery collection on 1stDibs. Natural treasures set in 22 karat gold and mementos of bygone days. Visit the link in our bio to read the beautiful article written by Levi Higgs for 1stDibs about Mimi and her jewels, alongside his interview with her and Valery. ️ Head to our storefront on 1stDibs to view pieces in ‘The Chinese Chapter’. …#collectorperish #objet_d_emotion #mimilipton #valerydemure #jewellerylover #jewelrycollector #oneofakindjewelry #privatecollection