The corners of Mimi’s house can be seen as chapters in her story. An assortment of carefully arranged objects that tell of the places she has been, people she has met and aspects of the culture she experienced that she choose to bring home with her. Tibet holds a very special place in Mimi’s heart. This corner presents her respect and appreciation for Buddhism and the Dalai Lama. Photographed by @serena_becker , a selection of objects, some large, some small, made from a range of objects from shell to brass. The value of an object for Mimi is not that of its materials, but the significance we give to them. And in this corner of Mimi’s house they are worth more than the sum of their parts, in the memories they hold for her. Visit the link in our bio to read the beautiful article written by Levi Higgs for 1stDibs about Mimi and her jewels, alongside his interview with her and Valery. Head to our storefront on 1stDibs to view pieces in ‘The Chinese Chapter’. …#collectorperish #objet_d_emotion #mimilipton #valerydemure #jewellerylover #jewelrycollector #oneofakindjewelry #privatecollection