Bleeding Heart Earrings

Rachel Quinn


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Rachel Quinn is an artist and goldsmith crafting distinct, unique jewelry in her Downtown Los Angeles studio. She draws inspiration from playful themes as well as the deeply poetic realm of the heart, creating well-crafted pieces that embody romantically surreal narratives.


With over 10 years of experience, Rachel continues to hone and evolve her work as she creates delightfully unique and enduring pieces of wearable art for the expressive individual. Here’s what Rachel says about her works: “It brings a whimsically-surreal lens to matters of the heart: the swell of new love, the ache of lost love, the sweet dangers and delights lurking in between – all delivered with a wink. My hope, above all else, is that my pieces will make you smile.”


Now Rachel Quinn is introducing her new carved 3-dimensional puffy hearts, crafted from 14K yellow gold, hand-carved onyx or lab-grown coral and lab-grown rubies. Heart is 1.4cm wide x 1.3cm long.