The story behind Hotel Il Pellicano has all the makings of a fairy tale: a glamorous American socialite, a lucky British aviator, an ill-fated flight and fate. When Michael Graham’s plane came down in the 1950s, Patsy Daszel saw the story in the newspaper and cut out his picture in the hope of one day meeting him. Lo and behold, fate worked its magic and the couple met a few years later in Pelican Point, California. Enamoured with the Tuscan coast, they moved to the Maremma and the rugged cliffs and wild nature of this unexplored bay offered the perfect background for their love and the perfect location in which to establish a select club for their guests such as Charlie Chaplin, Henry Fonda, Gianni Agnelli, Slim Aarons, and all the European Royalty. A regular guest of the Graham’s, and also a friend, was Roberto Sciò, who loved the place so much that he ended up buying the property in 1979. While protecting the home’s integrity, he transformed Il Pellicano into one of the most iconic Argentario’s hotels. We are delighted that Objet d'Emotion has been invited for a six-month residency at the hotel from now until October. #objet_d_emotion