[Rendez-vous with Alyssa Norton] Join us this evening at 6pm UK time, as we continue our popular series of intimate conversations with designers and collaborators of Objet d'Emotion. ⁠⁠"I met Alyssa many years ago. Since then, we have represented her line at our showroom. I fell in love with her use of materials; her choice of silk that she hand-dyes and braids, her metal flowers coated with ceramic, vintage crystals that she carefully sources, and her abundant use of antique elements. The handcrafted quality of her jewellery touched me, there is a melancholic and grunge feel to her work. ⁠⁠I own a number of her braided silk necklaces and antique purses. What is particularly wonderful about them, is that they defy both time and trends, and are tactile too. As someone who does not like "trends", it comforts me that jewellery is not about trends and instead is timeless. I always receive compliments when I wear her pieces. Alyssa's aesthetic is intriguing, it is intimate, confidential, and exquisitely poetic. Strong with its metal parts, chains, purses and gentle with its luscious hand-dyed silk, just like Alyssa."⁠⁠️Swipe to explore Alyssa's work and inspiration. Join us this evening to learn more. ⁠.⁠.⠀⁠.⠀⁠#valerydemure #jewellery #fashionjewelry #finejewellery #contemporarydesign #jewelry #luxury #objetdemotion #handmade #designerjewellery #fashionjewellery #jewellerycollector #jewel #jewels #artisan #craftsmanship#alyssanorton#rendezvous