Red Coral Pendant Necklace – A branch of red coral, hangs from a necklace of 22 carat gold. Striking in its colour and scale, this piece serves as a memento of the disappearing beauty of the seas. Dead Coral Cuff – Featuring a piece of coral, washed up on the beaches of Thailand, its natural form and pattern is complimented by an opal set at its centre. 22 carat gold encases the coral, set in the form of a cuff. Mimi Lipton’s natural treasures are set in 22 carat gold, mementos of bygone days. Explore ‘Collect or Perish, available via the private 'In Confidence' section of our website. Alternatively enquire with #collectorperish #objet_d_emotion #mimilipton #valerydemure #jewellerylover #jewelrycollector #oneofakindjewelry #privatecollection