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[Breakfast at Valery's] Yael Sonia's custom-cut stones come to life in her modern jewels. A lively choice of colours and inventive settings give a joyful quality to her jewellery. Yael uses pearls in a contemporary way, creating modern classics. ⁠⁠⁠⁠️Swipe to explore our curation for Breakfast at Valery's. Watch our story to view the pieces come to life. ⁠⁠⁠⁠1 & 2. Ellipse Elongated Tiered Earrings in 18 carat yellow gold, with 4mm and 6mm Akoya cultured pearls. ⁠⁠3. Ellipse Brilliant Pendant 18 carat white gold set with 8mm Tahitian pearl and diamonds. ⁠⁠4 & 5. Circle Earrings in 18 carat rose gold and 6mm Akoya pearls. ⁠⁠6. Knot Necklace in 18 carat yellow gold with 15mm chalcedony stone and diamonds. ⁠⁠7 & 8. Half Moon Earrings, rhodium plated 18 carat white gold, with 10mm Tahitian pearls and diamonds. ⁠⁠9. Cocoon Brilliant Large Ring, 18 carat white gold, 10mm Tahitian pearls and diamonds. ⁠⁠⁠⁠️Explore Yael's work via our online gallery and an exclusive selection via In Confidence. ⁠⁠.⁠⁠.⠀⁠⁠.⠀⁠⁠#valerydemure #jewellery #fashionjewelry #finejewellery #contemporarydesign #jewelry #luxury #objetdemotion #handmade #instagood #designerjewellery #fashionjewellery #jewellerycollector #jewel #jewels #artisan #craftsmanship