[Objet d’Emotion]⁠⁠I moved from Lyon to London in 1994 for a month, a year… who knew at the time ? It’s been almost 29 years in London, a lifetime.⁠⁠In 2005 I opened my agency, Valery Demure Limited, and I started in my kitchen literally. We were lucky to rent a big loft apartment, in a cool but run-down building in East London. Our rent at the time was very cheap and I could get started.⁠⁠My clients were Barneys, Colette, you name them… all the best stores.⁠⁠I started Objet d’Emotion in 2019 from both a feeling of frustration with retailers no longer taking risks and coming up with the same brands and a desire to keep promoting niche designers and artists. A strong will to nurture a dialogue with Art and Craft lovers.⁠⁠I am a self-made business owner, my entire business is self-funded and depends on my husband’s unflinching support, on designers, willing to collaborate with me and on clients who believe in small businesses like mine and are prepared to put their money where their mouth is. They know how important businesses like mine are. We are becoming a rare thing. We are precious. I think of my daughter Paloma, 12 years old and I hope she will still be able to experience small independent boutiques and galleries like Objet d’Emotion when she and her friends grow up.⁠⁠️ Shop Valery Demure’s curation of jewellery and objects via the Objet d’Emotion website or visit us at the galerie at 53 Blandford Street, Marylebone.⁠⁠#ValeryDemure #ObjetdEmotion #jewellery #Luxury #finejewellery #designerjewellery #jewellerycollector #MaryleboneLife #ChilternStreet #BlandfordStreet #Marylebone