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[Muse]⁠⁠Paloma will soon be 12 years old. Her taste in jewellery has been developing over the years. She definitely likes handcrafted, she likes colour and comfort too, her taste is eclectic but assured, She is not so much into “silly sweet and not cheap” jewellery. Her first ever earrings were bespoke. Her most recent piece is a tiny hand pendant. When we shoot jewellery with photographers, she loves to try pieces on and asks so many questions about the design, the fabrication but also the designers, his or her ethics.⁠ Photography by Serena Becker ⁠#ValeryDemure #ObjetdEmotion #jewellery #Luxury #finejewellery #designerjewellery #jewellerycollector #Paloma #Muse #transmission