Mimi’s house is a treasure trove of objects collected from around the world. The objects in her home tell her story: eccentric and extraordinary. Captured in the first photograph, an anthropomorphic vessel, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, late 19th century that Mimi purchased in Brussels. Swipe to the second slide to find an Ivory head knob for walking or flaneur stick. This belonged to Mimi’s father, who was a doctor, hence the detailed skull reminiscent of a medical drawing.Learn more about Mimi, by watching our film of Valery in conversation with her. Available to view on our You Tube channel. Link in our bio. Explore the Collect or Perish via the In Confidence selection of our website. Alternatively enquire with concierge@objetdemotion.com #collectorperish #objet_d_emotion #mimilipton #valerydemure #jewellerylover #jewelrycollector #oneofakindjewelry #privatecollection