[Fine Jewellery]⁠⁠The Shell Sea ring by Francesca Villa from the designer’s Close Encounters collection.⁠⁠The Shell Sea ring is made from yellow gold, enamel, blue sapphires , rock crystal cabochon intaglio carved and painted by hand, mop plate (under the cabochons).⁠⁠Three different themes give life to three capsules of this original Being Crystal collection. “The Mermaid’s passion for Cherries” tells of this strange longing and the caution the protagonist has to put in place in order to reach for the fruit but at the same time be safe.⁠⁠️ Shop Valery Demure’s curation of jewellery and objects via the Objet d’Emotion website or visit us at the galerie at 53 Blandford Street, Marylebone.⁠⁠#ValeryDemure #ObjetdEmotion #jewellery #Luxury #finejewellery #designerjewellery #jewellerycollector #MaryleboneLife #ChilternStreet #BlandfordStreet #Marylebone