[Artisan Jewellery]⁠⁠Miroir Chevalière Ring by Dephine Nardin. This unique piece crafted from 18k gold and perspex. The ring carries the imprints of gleaned materials. Delphine leaves an imprint of a form’s beauty in the memory using an archaic technique: an imprint, but an imprint in reverse.⁠⁠Delphine Nardin is a self-taught jeweler who looks for marks of time in natural wonders and unexpected discoveries. Linking the material to the immaterial, she aims to grasp a trace of the intangible.⁠⁠️ Shop Valery Demure’s curation of jewellery and objects via the Objet d’Emotion website or visit us at the galerie at 53 Blandford Street, Marylebone.⁠⁠#ValeryDemure #ObjetdEmotion #jewellery #Luxury #finejewellery #designerjewellery #jewellerycollector #MaryleboneLife #ChilternStreet #BlandfordStreet #Marylebone