Sharon Khazzam

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Award winning designer Sharon Khazzam communicates her love of art and gemstones through each of her creations. Drawn from her original sketches and paintings, each completely one-of-a-kind, numbered jewel is made entirely by hand and meticulously catalogued with a permanent record guarded in her studio.

Sharon has worked with a number of high profile brands throughout her career such as Asprey, Fred Leighton and London Jewelers, as well as working collaboratively with both Barneys and Isetan Mitsukosh. Her pieces have been exhibited at numerous exclusive art fairs and exhibitions across the globe, and she has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for her work - most recently an AGTA Spectrum award in the Objet d’Art category.

Sharon’s love of beautiful jewels is apparent each and every day. She continues to draw, paint, and create individual pieces that are unique to her sense of design and style. In the three-plus decades since she began designing jewellery, she has never created two of the same piece. Her aspiration is to turn these elegant and often whimsical creations into timeless collectibles, destined to tell a tale to future jewellery lovers.

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