Artisan jewellery designer

Rose Morant

Rose Morant Portrait (1200x1600) copy

Based between France and Vietnam, Franco-Swiss artist Rose Morant questions how we interact with, and apprehend, natural spaces.

Upon discovering her passion for travelling, Rose founded her very own lacquer workshop in Vietnam, leading her to work with a number of high profile luxury brands in both jewellery and fashion.

Bolstered by her extensive industry experience, as well as a deep understanding of rare materials and techniques, Rose Morant launched her own multidisciplinary creative practice as a way of further exploring her perceptions. She creates sculpture, paintings, art objects and jewellery from a variety of materials, such as lacquer, gold leaf, metal, wood, fabrics, precious stones and flower powder.

Her process for creating her lacquers is part of what makes her work unique. Flowers that were previously sacred offerings are used as the pigment, imbuing her pieces with a direct connection to nature.

Rose Morant hands (660x880) copy
Rose Morant disc (660x880) copy
Rose Morant spheres(1320x880) copy
Rose Morant (1320x880) copy