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Studio Minas was established in Athens, Greece in 1981 following a decade of creative exploration and established work in New York. The studio follows the strict jewellery manufacturing process dictated by Minas and maintains a high level of quality control to ensure his vision and philosophy is passed on to the customer. Every aspect of the Studio was designed and built by Minas himself, from the ergonomic work benches for the dedicated silversmiths to the centrifugal casting machine and furnace.

Minas personally designed and created every single jewellery prototype, carving it from a single piece of wax, from which he created the original mould.

The work of Minas, from his smallest earrings to his furniture and architecture, has always the human form as its reference. Minas's jewellery follows the lines of its wearer's body as to be comfortable and safe as much as beautiful; to stress this, the designer used to say that one could sleep wearing his jewellery. Everything Minas designed exudes a rare mix of intellect, artifice and humanity, in the sense that his creations feel at the same time durable and soft.

Over his rich career Minas collaborated with Georg Jensen, the Rolling Stones, Nobu Matsuhisa and the Belvedere hotel. He passed away on the 25th of March 2020 at the age of 82, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration, innovation and international acclaim garnered for his jewellery, furniture and design objects.

He has left his sons with this unique heritage, which they continue to honour, creating each Minas piece with the same sensitivity and heart imbued by their father.

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