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Lia Di Gregorio

Lia Di Gregorio

Lia Di Gregorio creates clean, sculptural jewellery with a strictness of proportion and an element of subversion. Since launching her line in 1989, she has challenged our preconceptions around jewellery forms. Often working with pearls, their rounded profile becomes an essential part of the structure of her designs, rather than a decorative element.

Lia Di Gregorio rings
Lia Di Gregorio ring

Since the inception of her line, Lia has expanded upon a set of design concepts: each an open family of jewels that expands over time.

Many of the pieces we have chosen to feature sit within a dialogue that she calls ‘Touch’. Celebrating reversal, Lia plays with elements that hide and reappear. Using concentric shapes, cut outs and hidden elements, pearls are free of conventional settings. Sitting within or underneath gold bands, the pearls are often in direct contact with the skin.

The second design concept we have drawn from is ‘Box’; precious pearls are enclosed in a gilded cage. Clean lines envelope the pearl to create graphic shapes.

The final story we have chosen to exhibit is ‘Non Stop’ where gold wires trace seemingly endless lines. Here pearls are set as if they were planets in endless orbit.

We love Lia’s ability to surprise and delight with her jewellery, her hidden elements create a sense that everything is not as it seems. With each piece revealing the pearl differently as your perspective changes.

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