Ioanna Souflia


We met Ioanna Souflia at her graduation from Central Saint Martins, she was creating monumental pieces in Thasos marble – an iconic material of her home nation – Greece. Following her graduation, Ioanna decided to launch her own label, continuing her exploration of this unique material in a fine jewellery context.

As her collection evolves we discover new pieces to love. We present a selection of our favourites for your perusal.


Her unique aesthetic is shaped by the unique pairing of opposing elements, which stems from her opposing training in law and jewellery. Her sculptural pieces juxtapose curved, tactile and meticulously hand carved shapes with highly polished, structured and crisp lines of gold. Flashes of precious stone add a sense of glamour.

We present pieces from three of Ioanna's design stories on our site.

For her Atelier pieces, Ioanna was inspired by the motifs of Constantin Brancusi - following his vision for creating unified groups of work, she has created a group of pieces in dialogue with each other in custom cut chrysoprase, chrome chalcedony, yellow gold and diamonds.

For Adoucissement, Ioanna created a collection in grey Bardiglio marble and rose gold, introducing a feminine softness to these graphic forms reminiscent of a sunset’s warm palette.

In Symbiosis – Ioanna combined white Thasos marble with blackened, later revisiting the same designs in yellow gold, embellished with grey and black diamonds, creating bold totemic icons.

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