The Superstar

Francesca Villa


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The Superstar ring from Francesca Villa’s “Wrestlers” collection is made in 18k yellow gold and decorated with rubies (3.35ct) and enamel.


“I drew inspiration for this collection of five statement rings from my son’s passion for wrestling. His enthusiasm is infectious and has given me an appreciation for the magic and theatre found in the sport. The customs are fabulous and dramatic.


Wrestler’s masks are pieces of art in themselves: a perfect balance between power and weakness, courage and fear.


My masks are crafted in 18K gold, with colourful precious stone and diamond pave masterfullyset using various stone sizes, giving a sense of movement to these glorious veils. The use of enamel provides a striking outline for their amplified features. The back of each ring is embellished with a starry ajour – a trademark of my jewellery.”


— Francesca Villa