Gold Nugget Cuff with Diamonds

Natasha Collis


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The Gold Nugget Cuff is undoubtedly one of Natasha’s masterpieces. The cuff is composed of fourty-eight 1.5mm white diamonds, which seem to be immersed in the 18k yellow gold setting, as if it were naturally found this way. Diamonds lift this seemingly simple style, with a level of sophistication. As Natasha herself advises, “It’s elegant to wear just one bracelet but you can wear several at a time, layering them to create a beautiful effect.”


Natasha Collis fuses exquisite hand-crafted jewel with a gold setting, hence its unique raw appearance. Gold is her favourite metal, notably for its earthiness. Collis’s signature gold ‘nuggets’ feature throughout her collections, making her work instantly recognizable.