Being Crystal Flowers

Francesca Villa


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Francesca’s Being Crystal Flowers earrings are crafted from 18 karat pink gold. A pair of matching vintage Essex crystals feature a delicate flower motif. Each earring is set with a citrine (0.35cts) above, and diamond (0.02cts) below the crystal.


Villa’s Being Crystal rings and earrings are made with vintage Essex Reverse rock crystal. Crafted in the UK in the late 19th and early 20th century. Once the stone is shaped, the design is drawn on the reverse side of the crystal with water colour. The image is then etched into the piece of stone and painted. Villa’s craftspeople restore each crystal by hand before they are given new life through her jewellery.


Francesca Villa gives unique antique and vintage objet trouvé a new fine jewellery setting in her unique pieces.